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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Soft Foods, Day 1 (or, What to Eat After Dental Surgery)

The question of "what to eat after dental work" is one that we've all probably faced at some point in time. Sometimes that question is modified by the exact nature or location of the surgery. Luckily for me, yesterday's apicoectomy took place on one of my front teeth so, although I have no desire to eat anything that requires me to tear into it, I'm not really limited in my ability to chew. Even so, soft food seems appealing at the moment.

First up on anyone's list of soft foods has got to be eggs. Guess what I had for lunch?

Yep, scrambled eggs!

Sure, they seem ordinary but scrambled eggs can present one with a sublime eating experience. The trick to it is all in the cooking. Say good-bye to the days of tossing some beaten eggs into a hot pan and giving them a stir so they don't form an omelette. All that technique will get you is overcooked eggs.

The trick to good scrambled eggs is temperature selection; low and slow is the way to go.

So melt some butter over medium-LOW heat and then pour in your lightly beaten eggs. Stand there and stir them continuously while they set up. Oh, and if they look like they're done in the pan, they're overcooked. Take them off the heat when they look "not quite done" and they will be perfect on the plate.



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