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Saturday, October 27, 2007

(Corned Beef) Hash Marks: Part 2

Last night saw the second installation of our Corned Beef Hash Off. This time around, it was M's turn to man the spatula!

M's corned beef hash starts with uncooked vegetables, includes celery as an aromatic, and uses tinned corned beef. Whereas my entry in the hash off was based on hash's basis as a use of leftovers, M approached the dish as an "economical meal".

M ran into pan issues as well; using two different pans caused the hashes to cook differently. No matter, it looked great in the pan:

And even better on the plate:

As I expected, her expertise in corned beef hashery was evident in the finished dish. Lots of crispy bits and a good ratio of vegetables to meat.

The next hash off will be back at our house, with W at the stove!


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