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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Los Angeles Times: The high price of cheap food

I've recently begun to buy more and more organic food items. At first, it was vegetables from Whole Foods. The price was competitive with the other grocery stores and the taste was so much better. Potatoes that tasted good again! Chicken that didn't taste like poultry blood!

The mad cow incident over Christmas got me thinking more and more about the food supply. Something's got to give ...

Monday, February 02, 2004

Our gourmet dinner club met this past weekend. What a blast!

It was our turn to host, meaning that I selected the menu, distributed the recipes, and provided the entree. Because I had the winter dinner again, I wanted a "wintery" meal and decided to go with Carbonnades Flamandes as the entree. With that decision made, all that was left for me to do was build a Belgian menu around it!

This is how it ended up:

* Moules RĂ´ties a l'Ail

oven-roasted mussels with garlic. this recipe was from a recent Bon Appetit magazine and was very good.

* Potage Parmentier

Potato and leek soup; I can't remember where I found the recipe though. Maybe Saveur? (Yes, Saveur ...)

* Poireaux aux Vinaigrette

Poached leeks, served with a vinaigrette and garnished with hard-cooked egg yolks. I was a little worried about serving this salad along with the potage but it worked out okay. I really enjoyed this course.; it was very different from the average salad course and very tasty.

Recipe from Saveur.

* Carbonnades Flamandes

Another recipe from Saveur, this dish turned out perfectly. The gravy was thick and flavourful and the meat was very tender.

* Choux des Bruxelles

Pan-browned Brussels sprouts with pine nuts. This is a great vegetable dish from Bon Appetit

* Gateau Chocolat

Another Saveur recipe. This one was the least successful. It was still yummy though.