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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Yesterday, friends from home (Vancouver) arrived for a couple of days and we spent our first hours together partaking in one of our favourite pot.

As far as points go, I'm really not sure. Maybe someone with the eTools access can run it through the points builder.

Here are the ingredients for 8 people:

* baby bok choy
* pea shoots
* sui choy
* cilantro

Fish & Seafood:
* fish balls (12 oz)
* shrimp balls (12 oz)
* prawns (8 oz)

Meat & Other Protein:
* lean pork (12 oz)
* chicken (8 oz)
* tofu (8 oz)

* rice noodles (2.5 lbs)

You can also see our sauces in that photo: Kai's "special sauce" (cooked oil--not much in deference to the WWs crowd, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, and green onions), sambal olek, sweet chili sauce, and oyster sauce. Also a little dish of chopped green onions for anyone who wanted them as a garnish.

Here is the table before we started cooking:

We'd started the broth out with a little flavour by boiling some pork neck bones on the stove while we were getting all the ingredients together. Then the stock pot goes on the tabletop burner and ingredients are added, a bit at a time:

Once the first batch is cooked, it is removed from the pot and put in the "community bowl". This bowl is then passed around the table, with all diners helping themselves.

I had a very sad flash card corruption and these were four of the five photos that were recovered. (Thank God Kai is an ├╝bertech!) What is missing is a photo of the first batch of noodles coming out of the pot, my first bowl of food, and the finishing touch to the meal...the broth.

Once all the ingredients have been eaten, the broth (by this time, very flavourful) is ladled out into the bowls.

I wish all the photos had been recoverable but I'm still very happy that even these few could be shared. This is a fabulous meal, especially when shared with great added fat, no added salt. Just healthy eating that tastes good!


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