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Monday, October 08, 2007

April 25, 2005

My attempt at a "points-friendly" terrine was successful. Yippee!

And now that I know it was successful, I can post all about it.

The main ingredients (I did take a picture of all the ingredients but it didn't turn out):


The full list of ingredients (all weighed so that I can figure out the nutritional information before I eat it) is:

50 g Westfalian ham
285 g boneless, skinless chicken thighs
435 g pork tenderloin
100 g Swiss chard
30 g shiitake mushrooms
112 g onion
50 g green garlic
fresh sage
fresh parsley
white pepper

I ran the chicken through the food processor and then mixed in the sage and some salt. For the pork, I ran about 2/3 of it through the food processor, coarsely chopped the rest, and mixed in the parsley and some salt.

The onions and mushrooms were also chopped up in the food processor and then cooked in some olive oil until "dry". I add a splash of sherry and cooked them some more then seasoned with salt and pepper.


First the ham:


As you can see, it just covers the bottom of the pan. The rest of the pan is lined with the Swiss chard (which had been lightly steamed to soften it and then refreshed in ice water):


The chicken mixture went in first and then I added the green garlic, kind of pushing it into the meat a wee bit:

Green garlic

The mushroom mixture was spread on top of that and then the pork mixture was added:


And here it is, ready to go in its water bath:


It went into a bain marie for 1.5 hours then came out and sat under a foil-wrapped brick until it was cool (about 3 hours). Then it was wrapped tightly and put in the fridge.

I didn't get around to eating it for two days but finally had it for lunch today:


That serving (two 1/4" slices) was 3 points.


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