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Monday, October 08, 2007

June 16, 2006

I was home alone today and so was able to cook one of my favourite foods: Fanny Bay oysters. (And what luck to have found them one day before the fishery was closed for red tide!)

Since I don't have an oyster knife and it's been at least a million years since I've shucked an oyster, I just put them on the barbecue. Once they were cooked (three of them didn't open), I scooped them out of their shells and put them on a bed of sauteed spinach.

To go with, I also grilled some prawns, which were served on top of an avocado and tomatillo salad, and tossed up a beet salad. I tried roasting the beets (on the barbecue, since the oven is on the fritz but who cares because it's a 100 degrees outside!) and didn't cook them long enough. What a shame because I swear they were the sweetest beets I'd ever eaten (yeah, I picked through looking for the softest pieces).

So, the point damage...

Oysters: 1 point
Spinach: 1 point (from the olive oil in which it was sauteed)
Prawns: 1 point
Avocado & tomatillo salad: 4 points
Beet salad: if I'd been able to eat it all, it would have been 1 point

And the photos...

The plate:

Seafood Plate

The oysters:


And the glamour shot:

Fanny Bay oyster...perfection!


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