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Monday, October 08, 2007

May 2, 2006

After a weekend of over-indulgence, I'm back on the smorrebrod bandwagon. Yesterday, it was smorrebrod made with thinly-sliced Jewish rye bread (from the October Feast Bakery's ovens), spinach (Watanabe Farms, a certified organic farm in West Sacramento), fresh dill, and deli roast beef all topped with a poached egg.


Today's smorrebrod was an experiment for me. I'd cooked a pork shoulder on Sunday night and had some leftovers to use up. While the pork was cooking on Sunday, I also stewed some rhubarb. When I was tasting the rhubarb for sweetness, I thought "Hey, this might go well with that pork. It'd certainly be better than serving apple sauce with it!"

Not wanting to freak the family out, I just filed that little thought away in the recesses of my brain. Before lunch today, that little thought popped its little head up and reminded me of the possibility. And so, today's lunch was more thinly-sliced Jewish rye, about a cup of mixed cilantro and flat-leaf parsley, and leftover pork shoulder (lightly warmed in the micro-nuker) all topped with stewed rhubarb (rhubarb compote, in fancy foodie talk):


After eating that, I wish I'd opted to "freak the family out" on Sunday night. It is a flavour match made in heaven!


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