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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

This evening, Marge and I took a trip to the farmers' market in Davis. It was (apparently) a little smaller than the Saturday morning market but that's understandable.

I didn't pick up too much stuff, since I'm heading out for Connecticut on Friday. I did get some fruit: white nectarines, Asian pears, and an Ambrosia cantaloupe. I will cut all the fruit up, mix it into a Glad plastic container, and take it with me on the flight. I'm sure it will be leaps and bounds beyond the airplane food. :-)

I also bought four pieces of salmon (wild king, caught in Bodega Bay). I've put that in the freezer and am hoping it will still be there when I get back from CT. It will make a nice grilled dinner for the NAWRA Nationals next month.

My other purchase was a pack of pork chops...four 1.25"-thick chops. They also went in the freezer. They'll be brined and grilled when I get home (or, maybe tomorrow night!).

My big thrill for the week is that I finally got up the nerve to post something about Weight Watchers on eGullet . Turns out that there are a number of folk there who are also following the programme and so now I have more like-minded cooks to talk to about things. Yippee!

Tonight's dinner was from a vendor at the market: a skewer of grilled salmon (it was absolutely outstanding!) and mixed greens tossed with a vinaigrette. I found the salad to be slightly over-dressed so I guess I'll have to count it as 2 points. The salmon was probably worth about 4 or 5 points (the book says 7 points for 6 oz. but this wasn't 6 oz.).

Even with the Skinny Cow I had when I got home, I didn't eat enough points today. Hope that doesn't screw me up for weigh-in tomorrow!


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